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Families we have helped

Dear Assisting Hands Organization,

We would like to express our deepest thanks to your Organization. You have helped our family to cope with the unexpected illness and death of our son, Jordan Addis. Everything you did meant so much to us all. The box of goodies for Jordan's long hospital stay during his Bone Marrow Transplant was so personal. We will never forget seeing him bundled up in his camouflage Snuggie, while in Intensive Care. The Packer blankets meant so much to him. He brought them to every Clinic appointment and Hospital stay. It made him feel safe and warm, so much so that we kept them with him in the end. You brought us food during our long Hospital stay, which gave us strength to help Jordan's fight. The Webpage you created brought daily inspiration and kept our whole family in contact with everyone that cared about us. We looked forward to reading it everyday. You brought the Community together and organized a Benefit for Jordan we will never forget. The funds you raised helped us navigate our way through a maze of medical bills and funeral costs. I know that our family can never thank you enough for all the hours and work you put in to help us, but please know that you will forever be in our hearts and that you all have a special Guardian Angel up above smiling down upon you.

Forever in your debt,

Tim, Melanie, Amanda, Casey, Jordan & Bailey Addis

My husband and I are completely blown away and speechless by your extremely generous gift. We are still overwhelmed and find ourselves repeatedly saying, "I just can't believe it". John dreads when the bills come rolling in, he uses a lot of smoke and mirrors to transfer, withdraw, etc., and after all that, there is still a big debt. We are so blessed that there are people like you, good people, out there doing wonderful acts of kindness for families like us.

We often say that we weren't blessed with good health or riches, but we are wealthy with love. Thank God we are a close-knit family and we have managed to get through some very tough times together. Again, we appreciate the check and it will help out greatly with medical bills. We hope that this message of gratitude will be shared with all involved. I would suspect that there are too many people to thank personally.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Christensen's

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